Backseat Designer

We’re not just plants! Need help downsizing or organizing your space? Some assistance with a redecorating project? Or do you need guidance in giving your residential or commercial space a fresh, new look? Backseat Designer is for you!

You can save time and money by utilizing our design assistance with de-cluttering, consolidating,  and organizing any existing space. Get a fresh look for the season by beautifying your vestibule or lobby. Our design service includes a consultation to discuss your needs and expectations for a beautiful new space.

You are the designer. We guide you through the decorating process to achieve the home or office you deserve.

Backseat DesignerOur decorating assistance includes:

  • Color Selection
  • Accessories, Plants, and Florals
  • Furniture
  • Windows/Wall/Floor Treatments
  • Seasonal Decorating

We will use a blend of new and existing furniture and accessories, along with suggestions for new wall and floor coverings and colors. We can help you recycle or sell non-usable items. And of course we will make recommendations for green plants and floral designs provide the finishing touch.